Reisdorf Oil

Reisdorf Oil and Propane started back in 1953. In a small town called North Java, Dave Reisdorf started a small oil company. With one truck, a building, and determination to make a respectable company, Dave with some help from his brother Charles, made the dream happen.

Word got around, and they picked up more and more customers. Personal contact, excellent service, and high quality fuels, made the business boom.

In 1960, Dave bought what is now our Batavia office from Gulf Oil Company. This location became the main headquarters for Dave Reisdorf Inc.. This was a major move for Dave, but the business just kept growing. He hired his nephew Thomas Reisdorf as a driver and a service tech. Tom was a devoted employee and took a special interest in the company. In 1968 he bought 50 percent of the company becoming a co owner. With the business still growing, in 1978 Tom bought the remaining percent of the business from Dave to become sole owner, keeping the name Dave Reisdorf Inc.. In 1983, Tom acquired the Citgo franchise, and the business kept growing.

Tom bought 50 percent of Gerrard Oil Company in Warsaw in 1984. Jim Gerrard ran the company independently until 2003, when Reisdorf Oil bought the remaining percent of the company. Tom now had three locations to serve the public.

In 2003, Tom passed the leadership of the company to his son Kirk. Kirk is the present owner and president of the company. Kirk has recently taken on propane as another service for his customers. The business is now named Reisdorf Oil and Propane.

Since taking on propane, Reisdorf Oil and Propane has acquired over a thousand new customers and continues to grow. We appreciate all of our customers, and will continue to offer high quality fuels and dependable service. Thank you to all our customers for making us what we are today!

12 Apr

Our department is growing!

Our propane department is still growing at a rapid pace. We have added a new truck and another driver.

Our fuel department is growing as well! We offer competitive pricing and 24 hour service.

Check us out and call us at 1-888-255-0087.

1 Jan

Looking forward to a great year!

2014, our 62nd year in the fuel business was our best year yet. We have increased the number of customers and did it the old fashioned way, by word of mouth and increased customer satisfaction.

While other independent companies have sold out to conglomerates, we continue to be family owned and operated since 1953.

Why is this important to our customers? According to feedback, customers like the idea that they are more than a number. They also like the idea that when they call after hours they are speaking to someone that can help them, now. Not just send the message into a message center and hope they get a response in the next 24 hours.

The Reisdorf’s have always been customer oriented and every employee subscribes to the way of thinking.

2015 is proving to be even more exciting than 2014 with fuel prices dropping on a daily basis. This is important to us because we know the positive impact this has on our customers.

So, we are happy to include lower prices on our “What’s New Page”. While we hope 2015 is the best year for everyone.

If you were ever on our web page previous to 2015 we hope you have noticed our new website, more modern, streamlined and ready for us to add new elements for our customers. Coming in the future you will be able to pay online by credit card and also be able to order fuel oil by email.

Give us a call for pricing, to order fuel or with any questions to our Batavia Office at (585) 343-4453.